The Workforce of the Future: Opportunities and Challenges

Steve Clark, Director of KPMG’s People & Change is one of our Keynote Speakers at the 2017 National Employment Solutions Conference.

Steve will presenting his discussion on “Workforce of the future: opportunities and challenges”. 

Since the industrial revolution ‘work’ has never been static.  We have seen technologies replace whole classes of labour; new industries have been born and died; and the nature employment relationship been reinvented over and over again.

The Workforce of the Future: Opportunities and Challenges
Steve Clark

However we face the confluence of a range of factors including: demographics shifts, Digital Labour, and new employment models that make this a singular time in the history of work.

Understanding these factors and how they will play-out together is mission critical.  In this keynote Steve Clark will share a global perspective that delves beneath the media headlines to look at leading practices and their implications for the workforce of the future.

About Steve

Steve is a leader in KPMG’s People and Change practice who understands the themes shaping the future of work over the next five+ years and beyond, and their criticality for HR and business leaders. He has a keen interest in all things digital labour, future of work, automation, artificial intelligence and robotic automation, and a passion for making sense of these topics for his clients.

Steve is driving KPMG’s work with major financial services, telecommunications and government organisations to interpret these themes and the opportunities and challenges specific to their individual workforces.

His work spans strategic workforce planning to anticipate and plan for the ‘workforce of the future’; change management to enable transformation programs; organisational design to support strategy delivery; and shaping organisational culture to drive performance.

Steve brings a strong understanding of technology, business strategy and people factors gained over 15 years of business and consulting experience. His passion for the topic is driven by a realisation that leaders in organisations today are making decisions that will affect workforces for generations. He believes we have the opportunity to build a better future.

The 2017 National Employment Solutions Conference will examine the changing face of work and the workplace and the impacts on sector professionals.  The program will examine challenges, opportunities, trends and issues that relate to innovative employment solutions in both job supply and demand.

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