long-term unemployed – Tony Abbott announced “job commitment bonus”

Long-term jobless people under 30 would be eligible for a $2500 “Job  Commitment Bonus” if they secure work and hold on to it for a continuous period  of 12 months, and they’ll get another $4000 if they’re still employed a year  after that, under a Coalition government. Jobless young people will be given financial assistance of up to $6000 to move to regional areas to seek work or $3000 to move to metropolitan areas.

The changes, the total cost of which has not been revealed, would be  buttressed by a restoration of the Coalition’s work-for-the-dole system.

ltunemploy3Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will announce the policy on Tuesday, revealing  that the incentive cash payments, part of the Coalition’s strong welfare-to-work  focus, would be managed by Centrelink.

“These are sensible, targeted measures to help get people off welfare and  into work,” Mr Abbott said. “More than 140,000 Australians have been unemployed for more than 12 months.  If elected, we will take real action to get them into work.”

The opposition believes the payments can convince long-term unemployed people  between 18 and 30 years old to make the sometimes difficult lifestyle changes  needed to maximise their employability.

Also included in the workforce participation package to be announced, are  incentive payments to get the jobless to leave areas of high unemployment and  move to areas where their employment prospects are brighter.

“Many jobseekers find themselves living in areas with high levels of  unemployment and far away from new job opportunities,” a briefing note  explaining the policy states.

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Long-Term Unemployment Conference 2014

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