Tasmania’s jobless rate climbs – highest unemployment rate in Australia

tasmania mapTasmania’s jobless rate climbs

Tasmania continues to have Australia’s highest unemployment rate, rising from 8.4 % to 8.6 % in trend terms.

Premier insists jobs package working

Tasmania’s Premier insists the state’s unemployment rate would be higher if not for her jobs package. Another 500 Tasmanians lost their job in August, bumping up the state’s unemployment rate to 8.6 %.

It means 21,500 Tasmanians are unemployed and looking for work. Lara Giddings says the figure would be worse if her Government had not spent $25 million on a jobs creation package.

“We actually work within a market economy in Tasmania and there’s only so much that Government can actually do and, of course, the Federal Government have a lot more levers at their disposable, in terms of monetary policy and the like, to help drive an economy.”

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Employers welcome subsidy pledge to generate Tasmanian jobs

The business sector has applauded the Federal Opposition’s plan to pay employers a subsidy if they hire a Tasmanian who has been out of work for a long period of time.

Mr Abbott says if elected, employers would receive $3,250 if they take on a long-term unemployed person for more than six months.

He says the scheme would be capped at 2,000 places and would cost $6.5 million.

The plan will apply to employers who take on for six months Tasmanian residents who have been unemployed and on benefits for six months.

In the following six months, the employer will be paid $250 a fortnight.

tony abbottCoaltion’s plan will provide much-needed wage assistance for employers.

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