Disability Employment and CRS Australia

Disability Employment

Kim Gillham had been unemployed for around ten years when she was referred to CRS Australia. Kim Gillham, former job seeker

A long-term vision impairment resulting from a chronic condition, Uveitis, had recently started to improve due to some new treatment, so Kim started to think about finding a job.

‘As soon as I was referred to CRS Australia, they started providing a holistic service to address my needs,’ said Kim.

‘I was not sure what my job options were so they helped clarify my employment direction.’

Kim’s program included identifying her work history and skills and assisting her to focus on an employment goal. A training program, MYOB, was provided to update and enhance her existing skills, and with that, her confidence.

To manage her condition, Kim was linked in with Vision Australia’s specialist services for the visually impaired for long term support. This, accompanied by new special spectacles and guidance from an exercise physiologist to increase her general levels of health and fitness, Kim was ready to find work.

‘I worked with CRS Australia’s employment services staff to update my resume and develop job seeking strategies,’ said Kim. It wasn’t long until Kim landed an administration job. ‘I now work at the Gestalt Institute as an administrative officer,’ said Kim. ‘I do everything you would expect of an administrative officer including trying to ensure the smooth running of a complex training schedule, reception work and maintaining a large library.’

Once Kim started in her job, CRS Australia did a workplace assessment to help modify the workplace so that Kim could undertake the required tasks of the job comfortably and safely. Kim has been settled in her job for nearly a year and has found the new challenges life-changing.

‘I really appreciate the support that CRS Australia gave me.’

CRS Australia is a leading provider of disability employment and assessment services to people with a disability, injury or health condition. CRS Australia works  with employers to find staff and provide healthy and safe workplaces for employees through quality injury prevention and injury management services. CRS Australia is part of the Australian Government Department of Human Services.  Read the full story here

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