Supporting young people to successfully transition from education to meaningful employment

The 2018 National Employment Solutions Conference will be held at Twin Towns Services Club, Tweed Heads, NSW over the 8th – 9th October.

The conference provides the opportunity to be involved through presenting, learning, engaging, networking and collaborating with other professionals within the employment sector.

Courtney Webber

Joining us at the conference is Dr Courtney Webber, Advocacy & Communications Advisory at the Beacon Foundation who will present on ‘Supporting young people to successfully transition from education to meaningful employment’.


Beacon Foundation is based in the belief that every young person has the right to hope, a job, financial opportunity and the sense of personal success this provide them.

Today, young people face more challenges than ever before in entering the workforce. This presentation will talk about a dramatically changing job market – and what this means for young Australians. The evidence shows us that employment opportunities for young people haven’t improved since the Global Financial Crisis. Despite improvements in our wider economy, youth employment continues to be higher than all other age groups.

How can we work to solve these problems? What can we do to better support young people seeking employment?

Current evidence tells us that often young people feel unprepared for the world of work. There is often a mismatch between:

– The needs of young people
– The capacity of schools
– The demands of employers and industry

Beacon Foundation presents our findings to show how we can better equip young people for the future workforce. Connecting employers with students in school is essential to building a ‘job ready’ generation. Doing so can inspire young people to think about careers and experience the workplace- long before they leave school. This helps young people get better prepared for the future world of work.

Learn about:

– How network development and capacity building within schools can work
– New ways of connecting with the workforce through industry volunteers
– How mentoring can bring relevance to classroom learnings and the curriculum.

There is no doubt there are more challenges than ever to young people looking for employment. This presentation will appeal to anyone that wants to better understand these issues – and how we can work collaboratively to better prepare our future generation for a new and changing workforce.

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