Strategies for Longterm Unemployed

Strategies for long term unemployed – Dealing with long term unemployment

Robert L. Leahy, director of the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy and author of “The Worry Cure.”

Perhaps the first thing to do if you’re unemployed is: Validate your right to feel miserable, says Leahy. “You’re a human being. You have a right to feel unhappy.”

Dr Leahy, new book The Worry Cure
Dr Leahy, new book The Worry Cure

But instead of ruminating, you could take a proactive role in searching for a new job and taking care of yourself. Try to acquire new skills or network if you can.

Keeping a consistent schedule helps people who are feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of another day without a job, experts say. Chart out what times of day you will be looking for jobs, when you will be sending out resumes and when you will eat your meals.

Structured time and physical activity have been linked in research with higher mental health.

Another strategy is to find unemployment groups, which bring in speakers and provide networking opportunities among people who are not judgmental if you are out of a job, Lang said. Support from family and friends is crucial and, if the person becomes seriously depressed, he or she should seek counseling.

“You can look at it as a time in between that last job and the next job,” Leahy said. “How do you make the best of this time?”

You might find it fulfilling to do volunteer work, which may help you make connections that could eventually lead to a job, or new friends, and build self-esteem by helping others.

It’s also worthwhile to think about career flexibility. If you can’t go back to the industry in which you were trained, could you try something else?

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Elizabeth Landau, CNN June 15, 2012 — Updated 1527 GMT (2327 HKT)
Robert L. Leahy, director of the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy and a clinical professor of psychology at Weill-Cornell University Medical College, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Strategies for Longterm Unemployed

Coping Strategies for Long Term Unemployed is a major health and social issue that needs attention.

The Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference 2014 is a national conference focusing on at risk groups for Long-Term Unemployment [Mature Age, Youth, Indigenous, Disability, Regional] . The conference will be held on 18-19 August 2014, QT Hotel Surfers Paradise.  The conference is an initiative of the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association; an incorporated non-government, not for profit organisation.

Call for Papers is now open, we welcome abstract submissions on mental health, anxiety, stress and other health and social issues related to long term unemployment

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