Shared Value Creation – A Pilot Study From Southern Adelaide, South Australia

Ms Carly Hamilton, Manager at Baptist Care SA will be joining us at the 2017 National Employment Solutions Conference.

Carly will be discussing her presentation “Shared value creation – A pilot study from Southern Adelaide, South Australia“.

Inclusive employment of some community cohorts remains allusive. For example, some people experience greater barriers than others to employment including people with disability, long term unemployed, and general disengagement from mainstream jobs, education and community activities. A typical approach to identifying resolutions to this social problem is to consider it as one of absence of social capital. Often studies that measure social capital emphasize inter-personal networks and membership and domains of trust including reciprocity, institutional trust and trustworthiness.

However, these approaches do not consider the complex model of employment which comprises many more stakeholders requiring a definition of value in order to invest resources in employment for these marginalized and vulnerable people. Our study interviews a sample of all stakeholders rather than just dyads or triads to define ‘an elevator pitch’ representing a method with which to create employment support and solutions for job seekers with complex barriers to employment (e.g., disability, long term unemployment, disengaged and disconnected jobs). We aim to define ‘value of employment’ utilizing broad concepts and metrics for benefits and costs.

In our full study we use 8 case studies containing interview data from all stakeholder groups including government, employers, employees, job seekers, customers and community to propose a solution for stakeholder realignment. While the key preliminary finding is that value perspectives seem unreconcilable, we offer evidence of an overarching opportunity to leverage disparate perceptions of costs and benefits of individual stakeholders for a common approach to employment based on both malleability and support.

Our data suggest current policy and programs sufficiently emphasize support but we find the necessary malleability, sadly absent except in those rare cases of successful employment outcomes. These results suggest final analysis of all data will produce a statement of shared value.

The 2017 National Employment Solutions Conference will be held at Mantra Legends on the Gold Coast from Thursday the 16th to Friday the 17th of November 2017.  It will be a platform for policy makers, academics, employers, human resource managers, recruitment services, association and “not-for-profit” representatives.

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"Shared value creation - A pilot study from Southern Adelaide, South Australia"