Search and work to keep the dole

Long-Term-Unemployment-ConferenceJOB-seekers will be compelled to search and work to keep the dole and conduct 40 job searches a month and carry out up to 25 hours a week of community work to keep dole payments, in a radical extension of mutual oblig­ation to be unveiled by the federal government.

Extending work for the dole and the creation of new wage subsidies for the long-term unemployed will be a key part of the proposed $5.1 billion job placement system the government plans to role out next year.

The Abbott government’s draft model aims to cut red tape, reward job providers for finding jobs — rather than completing administration — and discourage training for training’s sake. It will be imposed on current job providers such as Mission Australia, Sarina Russo and Ingeus from July next year as a prerequisite for funding.

Almost $900 million will be spent on extending the work-for- the-dole scheme over the three years from next July.

Jobseekers younger than 30 will be asked to do 25 hours’ work a week; those aged 30-49 will be asked to do 15 hours’ work a week; and people aged 50-60 will be asked to do 15 hours a week of an approved activity.
The new system will create a “regional loading” for job providers, in recognition that labour-market conditions vary across the country….

Article written by Patricia Karvelas, Victoria Editor, Melbourne. THE AUSTRALIAN

The Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference aims toexplore the latest employment trends and outlook for the long-term unemployed. The program will explore the links between long-term unemployment for Economic and Social outcomes; including local and international; mental health and health issues relating to long -term unemployment; training, apprenticeship,and vocational skills; policy, guidelines and the latest legislation for 2014.

The 2 day conference will commence at QT Hotel, on the Gold Coast in less than 3 weeks. Registrations are still open and we invite you to review the program at

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Article written by Patricia Karvelas, Victoria Editor, Melbourne. READ THE FULL STORY IN THE AUSTRALIAN