Rising Postgraduate Unemployment

Tim Dodd of The Australian Financial Review reported (17 September 2014) that Post Grad Figures
unemployment continues to rise for people with postgraduate degrees, especially architects, scientists, accountants and teachers.

Figures from Graduate Careers Australia show the 2013 unemployment rate for those seeking full-time work four months after graduation was 15.5 per cent for those with postgraduate diplomas and certificates, and 17.9 per cent for those who had completed a masters degree by coursework.

The job outcomes are the worst in nearly two decades for people holding diplomas and certificates and the worst on record for masters by coursework graduates.

However, in spite of the increasingly tough job market for postgraduates, the number of domestic postgraduate students in Australian universities continues to grow.

The Graduate Careers Council said it was “not possible to account for the difference between male and female postgraduate salaries in simple terms”.

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