Review of Australian recruitment practices

Dr Martha Knox-Haly, Research Affiliate at the University of Sydney Oral will be speaking at the Long Term Unemployment Conference on “A review of Australian recruitment practices and its contribution to resolving long term unemployment”

This session will summarises findings from a literature review conducted for the Australian workplace productivity commission on the role of Australian recruitment practices, skills mismatching and under-utilisation of potential candidate groups (indigenous, disabled, older workers, overseas qualified professionals arriving through the generalist immigration stream, younger workers, rural and remote workers).

Key areas for exploration are:

  • the digitisation of the recruitment process,
  • the role of social media, lack of rigorous skills assessment at the point of recruitment and
  • older workers, unskilled workers, indigenous workers, youth and overseas qualified professionals.

About Martha

Martha Knox-Haly BA (Hons), MA (Hons), MBA, PhD, MAPS Principal MKA Risk Mitigation and Research Affiliate with the Workplace Research Centre

Dr Knox-Haly is an organisational psychologist and author of three books examining the link between industrial relations, human resources management practice and human resources risk mitigation. Doctor Knox-Haly’s writing and practice is based on stress investigations in Australian workplaces between 1995 to 2005.

Her particular areas of specialisation are prevention occupational stress, prevention of bullying and performance management systems.

The Conference on Long Term Unemployment is being held in the Gold Coast in August to find out more about the Conference please visit the website.

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