Present at the Annual Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference

The opportunity to speak at this year’s Long Term Unemployment Conference is available however the closing date for submitting Abstracts is Thursday 18 August. The focus of the conference is finding solutions from a supply/demand perspective – service providers and facilitators within the sector working together with employers to create positive outcomes for Australia’s long-term unemployed.

Topics for presentation and discussion include job availability; programs and tools; early intervention; employment best practice; future of work and the workplace; issues affecting the marginalized unemployed; the lived experienced of the long term unemployed and preparing people for work.

To be involved in finding the solution to long term unemployment within Australia SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT TODAY.

Conference Topics

  1. Job availability: engagement with employers
  2. Employment Best Practice: case studies from Australia and Overseas
  3. Industry expectations and requirements
  4. The lived experience and support: housing, Centrelink, training
  5. The marginalised unemployed: ATSI, LGBTI, rural and remote, people with disabilities, multicultural groups
  6. Issues affecting specific groups: young school leavers, mature age, untrained, over qualified university
  7. Future of Work: the changing face of work and the workplace
  8. Understanding occupation
  9. Preparing people for work
  10. Early intervention
  11. Real solutions: programs and tools for organisations
  12. Behavioural aspects: relationship between mental health and the long term unemployed

Long Term Unemployment Conference. Brisbane 1 – 2 December 2016.