Organisational Culture, Diversity & Inclusion – A Practical Guide

The 2018 National Employment Solutions Conference will be held at Twin Towns Services Club, Tweed Heads, NSW next week over the 8th – 9th October.

The conference provides the opportunity to be involved through presenting, learning, engaging, networking and collaborating with other professionals within the employment sector.

Joining us at the conference is Ms Theaanna Kiaos, Managing Director at Diversity First who will present on Organisational Culture, Diversity & Inclusion – A Practical Guide’.


Understanding your organisational culture from a diversity and inclusion perspective allows you the opportunity to create awareness and further, make the necessary changes to enhance employee engagement, retention and increase overall inclusiveness across all cohorts including Culturally & Linguistically Diverse, LGBTIQ and Indigenous.

In this workshop, we apply Schein’s model of organisational culture and address observable artefacts as well as espoused values to determine if your organisation has underlying diversity and inclusion assumptions.

This workshop will help you measure the level of diversity and inclusion integration within your organisational culture. We will also discuss how cultural stories impact your organisational culture and ways to enhance stories to increase employee engagement.


Theaanna is the Managing Director of Diversity First and is the creator of InCulture, a model of Organisational Culture, Diversity and Inclusion, developed through academic research at Sydney University. The InCulture model is the first of its kind globally and is implemented across Australian organisations through Diversity First’s workplace accreditation programme. Uniquely qualified, Theaanna is completing a PhD in Diversity & Inclusion through Macquarie Graduate School of Management, is an academic researcher through Sydney University, holds a Masters in Communication (USYD) and an undergraduate in Psychology (UNE). Theaanna works with Government, Private, Public and Not-For-Profits

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