Optimising the Mental Health and Wellbeing of a Mobile Workforce

The 2018 National Employment Solutions Conference will be held at Twin Towns Services Club, Tweed Heads, NSW over the 8th – 9th October.

The conference provides the opportunity to be involved through presenting, learning, engaging, networking and collaborating with other professionals within the employment sector.

Joining us at the conference is Ms Belinda Dixon from the Benevolent Society who will present on ‘Optimising the Mental Health and Wellbeing of a Mobile Workforce’.


The Benevolent Society (TBS) has a long history of working to support and improve the mental health and wellbeing of Australian families and continues with this tradition as it transitions its workforce to a technological work environment.

In this presentation, participants will gain an understanding of how an organisational priority to implement a dynamic and flexible mobile workforce resulted in a team successfully developing and implementing strategies and processes designed to optimise the mental health and wellbeing of staff; to ensure they are safe, supported and well connected, despite being geographically dispersed.

The presenters will discuss how their use of a wraparound leadership model focusing on the specific needs of both staff and program, enabled them to effectively plan for mobile implementation. Through identifying the concerns, challenges and needs primarily centred on staying safe and staying connected and using a solution-focused approach to problem solving, the team were able to implement innovative ways to maintain a positive, supportive and collaborative face-to-face and online team culture.

By creating opportunities for peer support and harnessing a strength focused, virtual collaborative environment, the team came together to address communal concerns, creating stronger and more resilient team structures. Many social media ideas used in the virtual world, as well as existing technological platforms, were explored and developed as processes and strategies, both formal and informal, to ensure support regarding client work, consistency in service delivery, and an increased sense of security and connectedness.

Participants can hear about the planning process undertaken and how these effective team strategies may be implemented into their own work practice, particularly for those who work in regional, rural or remote settings where there may be a lack of infrastructure and limited staff.

For more information on the 2018 National Employment Solutions Conference and to secure your spot, please visit www.employmentsolutions.net.au