Mr Barry King from Ganamarr Consultants on jobs for Indigenous people and other at risk groups

Concurrent Session Chair: Mr Barry King, Director, Ganamarr Consultants

Concurrent Session Time: Monday 9 November, 4.34 – 5.04pm

Abstract: The PEOPLE Model: getting jobs for Indigenous people and other at risk groups              

The PEOPLE Model has been successfully applied over the last 20 years to Indigenous populations with 30% employment rates in various industries. These high employment rates have been achieved by identifying and overcoming barriers experienced by both the supply (employees) and demand (employers) sides of the labour market.

Indigenous people often have personal barriers which hinder their job prospects such as low self-esteem, poor mental and physical health and drug or alcohol problems. They also lack job ready skills such as no job experience, low education levels, no vocational qualifications and lack of knowledge of workplace practices. On the demand side, employers often lack an understanding of how education and employment programs operate as well as the problematics of working with multiple stakeholders. There is also widespread discrimination within employer organisations.

These barriers are often experienced across many other at risk groups.

The mechanisms of the PEOPLE Model will be demonstrated using the 3 year, $650M Northern Territory Indigenous Housing Project as an example. In this project over 900 Indigenous people started pre-employment training. Of these, 90% completed the course. And of those who completed the course, 90% got a job with nearly 30% placed in apprenticeships. This was equivalent to a 30% Indigenous employment rate.

This high employment rate was mainly due to the intense ground work completed in the first 3 stages of the model which prepared Indigenous people to become job ready and assist employers to provide a workplace culture which embraced Indigenous employees. The final three stages included the design and implementation of a Jobs Plan to ensure all job targets were delivered on time.

The PEOPLE Model brings together Indigenous people and employers providing employers with skilled and motivated Indigenous staff with long term career opportunities. The similarities of barriers experienced by Indigenous job seekers and other at risk groups means many of the mechanisms used in the PEOPLE Model can be applied across a broader at risk population.

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