Looking Back to the Future: Migrants Working in Australia

The 2017 National Employment Solutions Conference will be held at Mantra Legends on the Gold Coast from Thursday the 16th to Friday the 17th of November 2017. 

Diane van den Broek, Associate Professor and Research Coordinator at the University of Sydney Business School will be attending this year’s Conference, presenting “Looking back to the future: Migrants working in Australia”.

Migrants Working in Australia
Diane van den Broek

Few would argue that migrants have played a fundamental role in building our nation. However despite their pivotal role in nation building activities, discussion about migrant work and migrant workers remains a sensitive and contentious topic both politically and socially.

While I am not alone in arguing the important role of history in understanding this paradox, I do highlight the need to understand our past and current dependence on migrant workers. I would suggest that the reality is that many industries in this country would collapse without migrant labour. This needs to be more widely understood than it currently is.

The 2017 National Employment Solutions Conference will motivate and inspire professionals with an extensive program of keynotes, concurrent sessions, case studies, workshops and posters. It will be a platform for policy makers, academics, employers, human resource managers, recruitment services, association and “not-for-profit” representatives.

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