Long-term youth unemployment demonstration pilots: From theory to practical application

The 2018 National Employment Solutions Conference will be held at Twin Towns Services Club, Tweed Heads, NSW over the 8th – 9th October.

The conference provides the opportunity to be involved through presenting, learning, engaging, networking and collaborating with other professionals within the employment sector.

Joining us at the conference is Dr Salote Scharr, Senior Researcher at yourtown who will present on Long-term youth unemployment demonstration pilots: From theory to practical application’.

Dr Salote Scharr


In April 2018, the incidence of long-term youth unemployment reached its highest point with more than 52,000 young people aged between 15 and 24 years across Australia in long-term unemployment, that is, unemployed for more than 52 weeks. yourtown is working with more than 5% of this cohort. The ongoing effects of long-term youth unemployment continue to be experienced at not only the individual level but also the community and policy levels. The aims of this presentation are three-fold.

Firstly, an innovative model of response for working with young people in long-term unemployment will be detailed. The elements of this model were derived from existing research on young people in long-term unemployment as well as yourtown’s specific mixed method research conducted with young people who have been in unemployment for more than 52 weeks and with staff who have extensive experience working with this cohort. Secondly, the process of turning the theoretical model into demonstration pilots entitled, ‘your job your way’, will be detailed. ‘your job your way’ is targeted at young people aged between 15 and 21 years who are in long-term unemployment and will be delivered in areas of high disadvantage (Elizabeth in South Australia and Caboolture in Queensland) from July 2018.

These pilots will enable yourtown to test the theoretical model that a targeted, intensive and client-centred model of support will enable long term unemployed young people to make a sustainable transition to the workforce. Preliminary data will be available to describe the barriers faced by young people in long-term unemployment and the interventions put in place to assist this cohort. Thirdly, the process will be detailed about how yourtown aims to demonstrate to Government the potential savings over the longer term that could result from adopting the intensive and holistic ‘your job your way’ service model.


Salote Scharr is a Senior Researcher at yourtown. She feels fortunate to be working for an organisation that provides opportunities for children and young people to create brighter futures. Her work focuses on employment and counselling programs, with a focus on marginalised young people in lower socio-economic areas. Salote’s research and advocacy work looks at issues such as employment, social enterprises, mental health, self-harm, and suicide prevention. The findings from her work are disseminated across not-for-profit, community service, academic, and government sectors to raise awareness of the issues faced by young people and to advocate for pathways for this group.

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