What works in getting people back to work? Long Term Unemployed

Our timely Long Term Unemployment Conference highlights how the government’s programmes and NGO and private organisation initiatives can be used to overcome the barriers to employment for the most disadvantaged and hard to reach job seekers.

This conference will address the causes, consequences and programs needed to provide opportunities for at risk groups: Disability, Mature Age, Youth, Indigenous and Regional Unemployed.

Hear from Government, Not for profit and private organisations participating in supporting the long term unemployed.

The impact of persistent long term unemployment in Australian and globally in addition policy and welfare changes makes this the ideal opportunity to come together to access your strategies for enabling employment for long term unemployed.

Update on the programmes used to overcome the barriers to employment for some of the most disadvantaged and hard to reach job seekers.

Long Term Unemployed Keynotes Speakers include

  • Professor William Mitchell,  Centre of Full Employment & Equity, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Cassandra  Goldie,  CEO,  Australian Council of Social Service
  • Dr Geoff Waghorn, Head of Social Inclusion and Recovery Research at Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research (QCMHR)
  • Department of Employment
  • Prof Phil Lewis, Director, Centre for Labour Market Research Faculty of Business, Government and Law University of Canberra

With input on both a strategic, research, policy and practitioner level, this conference addresses the following key topics:

  • Causes of long term unemployment globally, Australia, Regionally and locally
  • Consequences of LTU – poor physical health, mental health, homelessness, social isolation, economic stress
  • Partnership working between organisations to provide holistic support and advice for job seekers – national, state, regional and local
  • Delivery of employment programmes for long term unemployed (LTU) and very long term unemployed (VLTU)
  • Delivery of employment programmes for engaged and disengaged/non participatory
  • Targeted presentation on areas of LTU focus – Disability, Mature Age, Youth, Indigenous and Regional Unemployed
  • Intervention and prevention strategies for LTU
  • Engaging young people in emerging programmes and working in partnership with the local employment market to identify skills gaps

Benefits of Attending

  • Hear about the latest updates on government incentives and programs for long term unemployment
  • Find out about how social enterprises can offer flexible support for marginalised groups
  • Find out about the latest research on LTU issues
  • Gain insight from keynotes speakers
  • Form new relationships to collaborate and partner on employment and social initiatives

The long term unemployment are not going away, can can not be ignored, now is the time to share best practice from the frontline with your peers to help those at risk

Long-Term Unemployment Conference 2014, 18-19 August 2014, QT Hotel Surfers Paradise
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