LinkedIn Launches Campaign Encouraging Aussies to be More Open at Work

LinkedIn has launched a campaign encouraging Aussie employees to #BringYourWholeSelf to the workplace.

Since “kids are never afraid to be themselves”, the campaign was launched with a video which sees children being asked about how they express their authentic selves.

Responses include “not letting anything else change you and just be yourself”, “not copying other people” and “when you have a lot of courage to do something that many other people can’t do.”

Alongside the campaign, LinkedIn is releasing the results of research which found more than half of Australian workers hide some aspects of themselves in their professional life and almost three quarters don’t feel comfortable expressing their vulnerabilities at work.

Over a third (35%) of respondents surveyed said they hold back expressing details about their mental health and wellness, with nearly three quarters of respondents believing that talking about your mental health is a career limiter.

Meanwhile, one in five Australians still hold back from expressing their sexual orientation in the workplace, 45% of respondents seeing it as a potential career limiter.

When asked why they hold back elements of themselves in the workplace, over half of the professionals surveyed said they wanted to avoid conflict, while 35% said they were concerned about how others would react or perceive them.

In contrast, respondents said being themselves at work has a positive impact on their job satisfaction (47%), as well as their personal health and wellbeing (39%).

Shiva Kumar, head of brand and communications for LinkedIn Australia and New Zealand said: “Through this campaign we want to raise awareness that it is important to bring your whole self to your professional life. We want to encourage professionals to be more open and speak their mind.

This was originally published by Mumbrella.

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