Introducing Session Speaker Chris Stone, Senior Policy Officer at Yfoundations

Chris Stone is the Senior Policy Officer at Yfoundations, the NSW peak body on youth homelessness. He has previously held a number of policy research and analysis roles, including as Researcher and Lecturer in university research centres and as a Research Director in an independent think tank looking public and community services.

Chris Stone, Senior Policy Officer at Yfoundations.
Chris Stone, Senior Policy Officer at Yfoundations.

Chris has publications on a number of youth homelessness related areas, including: barriers and solutions in youth housing, social inclusion, policy reforms in vocational education and employment services, the efficiency of different sectors in providing services, and the effects that new approaches to services can have on community sector providers.

Chris will be presenting at the 3rd Annual Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference this December on the topic of Shouting “Foyer!” in a crowded space: Adapting the Foyer model to the Australian policy context

Foyers (taking their name from the French word, meaning “place of welcome”) are a model for addressing youth homelessness that explicitly links accommodation with education and employment. The Foyer movement has progressed rapidly in the UK, but seems to be less readily taken up in Australia, despite interest in the concept from both Government and the Community Sector. Both the vocational education and homelessness services contexts are in some ways more “crowded” than in the UK, and this impacts how the model should be adapted. Some aspects of Foyers that address gaps in the UK homelessness services system are already present in the Australian homelessness services system. However, there are aspects of the Foyer model that are not present here, one is that Foyers can service as a pathway, not just to employment readiness, but to employment. Incorporating this, and other related, aspects of Foyers into the existing homelessness services system, could be termed a “Systemic Foyer” model. The requirements of this approach, including the resources needed to build relationships between homelessness services and employers, are examined.

The 3rd Annual Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference will be held on 1 – 2 December 2016 at the Mercure Brisbane. This year’s theme is Finding Solutions and focuses on business working together with employment facilitators and agencies to create positive outcomes for Australia’s long-term unemployed.

The 2016 Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference Program is now available to DOWNLOAD HERE.

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