Introducing Kristyn Gain from Idea Services

Kristyn Gain is a Supported Employment Coordinator with Idea Services in Wellington New Zealand (IHC New Zealand). Kristyn has worked in the field of disability services for over seven years, supporting children, adolescents and young adults in a variety of community based settings. Kristyn graduated from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Child, Youth and Family in 2010. This degree paved the way for Kristyn’s two Post-Graduate Certificates as a Career Development Practitioner and a Job Development Professional. Bridging her educational pursuits and her passion for working with individuals with various abilities has led Kristyn to her current role in Supported Employment. Kristyn believes that everyone has the right to meaningful employment and has a special interest in job carving for the people she supports as employment is unique for everyone.

Kristyn joins us at the upcoming Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference  and will discuss ACTIVE IN HELL:  Paid training experiences to youth with intellectual disabilities’.

The “Active in Hell” Program is a mutually beneficial relationship between Idea Services and Hell Pizza (a New Zealand based pizza chain) focusing on providing youth with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to gain experience in the workforce. Lack of experience is a common barrier to employment and this successful pilot program seeks to combat this issue by creating a successful environment for skill development and the opportunity for these youth to break into the Labour Market. Developed at a National Level, this program is generating success stories all across New Zealand and increasing employment opportunities for youth with intellectual disabilities.

The 3rd Annual Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference will be held on 1 – 2 December 2016 at the Mercure Brisbane. For more information on the 3rd Annual Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference and to secure your registration visit the conference website today.