E-Recuitment and Social Media Networking: The Impacts of Workforce Digitalisation

Digitalisation of the workforce and the way organisations identify and look for employees has changed drastically in the last 5 years, and will continue to change. Online technologies, including e-recruitment tools and social media networks, as well as the various technologies that organisations develop or implement to suit the automation of talent management strategies, has had a substantial impact on individuals seeking employment.

E-Recuitment and Social Media Networking: The Impacts of Workforce Digitalisation
Rebecca Fraser

Firstly, e-recruitment tools and automated keyword technologies have changed the way a job application needs to be approached. Simplistic keyword searches, as well as more complex searches seeking to contextualise sentences, have changed the level of content an individual needs to provide in an application before being identified as a potential candidate.

Moving on from task based resumes, these technologies may score an individual simply by the amount of times a keyword appears within their document as well as how “recent” that skill may have been used by the individual in their career. Tailoring of resumes to specific job applications means that individuals need to have a deeper understanding of how to market their capabilities to a specific role, including the confidence to be able to discuss their experience and achievements effectively.

Secondly, for individuals that have limited exposure or training in the use of technologies, they can be overwhelmed by the need to apply for opportunities online or via computers. These individuals may become disengaged from the job search process due to this use of technology or may not be able to represent themselves in a written application that increases their chances for interview.

Each of these issues are a major influence on unemployment and there needs to be an increased focus on educating those in unemployment services or assisting individuals in their job search on the implication technology is having on job search. Organisations will continue to drive forward automation and digitalisation to assist in improving their own processes and for this reason, educating and developing job seekers knowledge in this area is imperative.

This article was kindly provided by Rebecca Fraser, CDAA – Career Development Association of Australia.

This article is a follow-up from Rebecca’s paper ‘The implications of technology in job search strategies’,  which was submitted for the 2015 Long-Term Unemployment Conference.