Health of the long term unemployed

Health of the long term unemployed – cause and effect of illness

The long term unemployed have a higher rate of disease, especially mental illness, than employed persons and those who are unemployed only for a short time. The burden of disease increases with the duration of unemployment. Unemployment seems to be not only an effect of illness, but also a cause of it:

  • What is the health care situation of the long term unemployed?
  • What is the effect of unemployment on their health?
  • What are the implications for social and health policy?

Long term unemployed have higher health risk for:

  • Mental illness, depression and anxiety disorders, compared to employed persons
  • Mortality rate is 1.6-fold higher
  • Limited evidence indicates that the long term unemployed have a moderately elevated prevalence of alcoholism
  • Unemployment also seems to be associated with higher risks of heart attack and stroke
  • Cancer can lead to loss of employment

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Source Institute of Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany.

The link between unemployment and poorer health will be addressed at Long Term Unemployment conference.  

Long-Term Unemployment Conference 2014

The Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference 2014 is a national conference focusing on at risk groups for Long-Term Unemployment [Mature Age, Youth, Indigenous, Disability, Regional] . The conference will be held on 18-19 August 2014, QT Hotel Surfers Paradise. The conference is an initiative of the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association; an incorporated non-government, not for profit organisation.

Do you want to speak at this conference on breaking the vicious circle of unemployment and poor health – call for papers for presentations are now open.