ACWA members special discount for Long Term Unemployment Conference

Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference will be held on the 18th & 19th August 2014 at the Gold Coast, Queensland. The Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA) is endorsing this conference and ACWA members are entitled to a special discount on registration.

The Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference will provide a platform for a broad range of issues and groups, well beyond those associated with physical or mental health. The Conference will focus on the following at-risk groups:

  • Mature Age
  • Youth
  • Indigenous
  • Disability
  • Regional

These groups are the most vulnerable to economic change. They continue to have lower employment participation rates than what is needed to guard against poverty and disadvantage. The impact on individuals and families, society and the economy of long-term unemployment is immense. Many of these at risk groups experience multiple or severe barriers to work. These challenges are compounded by mental health issues, homelessness, family break down, and isolation. Early intervention and targeted programs for those facing more than 12 months, or longer, of unemployment are needed.

A focus on job creation now and in the future is fundamental to Australia’s capability and stability. Beyond the current mining boom we will be facing labour shortages in aged and community care employment. Is the Australian labour force equipped to meet these opportunities? Are we aligning skills and the economy with future employment conditions?

This conference will address the causes and programs needed to provide opportunities for at risk groups: Disability, Mature Age, Youth, Indigenous and Regional Unemployed. The conference will focus on “Building Capability” to create employment in the future with over 50 presentations on research, policy, programs and case studies. The conference will explore the links between long-term unemployment for economic and social outcomes and will focus on the following areas:

  • Employment trends and outlook, Australia and overseas
  • Disability employment programs
  • Youth employment programs
  • Mature age employment programs
  • Indigenous employment programs
  • Regional, remote and rural employment programs
  • Culturally and language diverse  employment program
  • Mental health and health issues relating to long term unemployment
  • Training, Apprenticeship, Vocational skills and employability
  • Policy, guidelines, legislation and service delivery for long term unemployed

ACWAAbout the ACWA

The ACWA is the national body for over 500,000 hard working community work practitioners in Australia. ACWA’s role is to support community workers in every sphere of their work. The ACWA promote the profession of community work as a rewarding career and set standards and a code of ethics as a guide for exemplary practice. ACWA encourages young people, and older workers considering a change, to consider a career in this essential occupation.

ACWA Conference Registration discount

ACWA members are eligible to register for this conference using the discounted ‘full registration member’ rate. For further details and to register please visit


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Day 1 – (26 May 2014)

CPD points allocated: 6

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