The Entrepreneurial Society and Implications for the Individual

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Martin Obschonka, Associate Professor at the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (QUT) joins us to discuss “The entrepreneurial society and implications for the individual“.

Many scholars and policy makers agree that entrepreneurship is highly relevant for the success of today’s societies owing to its effects on economic and technological development and the creation of new jobs. For example, economic analyses show that most new jobs are not created by large, established companies but by entrepreneurial startup companies.

The Entrepreneurial Society and Implications for the Individual
Martin Obschonka

Thus today, entrepreneurial thinking and acting is seen as a twenty-first century skill, one of the basic meta-capabilities that the young generation will need to develop to be successful in life. This applies not only to one’s own business creation activities (e.g., youth entrepreneurship), but also to intrapreneurship in an established organization, or to the utilization and managing of the various work-related opportunities and uncertainties brought in the wake of current social and economic change.

Moreover, entrepreneurship is a mechanism by which many people enter the economic and social mainstream of society, facilitating culture formation, population integration, and social mobility.

Finally, an increasingly important field in the scholarly and public debate is social entrepreneurship tackling social, cultural, or environmental problems via entrepreneurial means (e.g., social startups) in an enduring way.

In view of this increasing interest in entrepreneurship, this presentation will discuss leading academic approaches to the psychological and behavioral study of entrepreneurship, with a special focus on (potential) interventions aiming to promote entrepreneurial skills in young people to prepare them for the future world of work.

About the 2017 National Employment Solutions Conference

The National Employment Solutions Conference will examine the changing face of work and the workplace and the impacts on sector professionals.  The program will examine challenges, opportunities, trends and issues that relate to innovative employment solutions in both job supply and demand.

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