The Future of Disability Employment – Seize the Day

Held in November, the 2017 National Employment Solutions Conference will examine the changing face of work and the workplace and the impacts on sector professionals.

Rick Kane

Mr Rick Kane, CEO, Disability Employment Australia joins us this year to discuss “The future of disability employment – seize the day”.

Following the two year review of the Disability Employment Scheme (DES) programme, 2017 has seen providers and interested stakeholders prepare for the new DES. The goalposts have changed, significantly. The new DES has more choice and control for participants, a market model rather than the market share arrangements of the last 12 years and an expectation that new and innovative employer engagement strategies will improve employment outcomes for people with disability.

What will the new DES look like? Will it change over time as participants, providers and employers better understand their shared goals. How will the new Disability Employment Scheme intersect with the NDIS? And will the new Disability Employment Scheme, with its implicit challenge to providers to go deeper into local communities, connect with more people with disability seeking employment and social and economic independence?

These challenges and more will be explored by Rick, emphasising the opportunities for those ready to seize the day.

The 2017 National Employment Solutions Conference will be held at Mantra Legends on the Gold Coast from Thursday the 16th to Friday the 17th of November 2017.  It will be a platform for policy makers, academics, employers, human resource managers, recruitment services, association and “not-for-profit” representatives.

The Conference will motivate and inspire professionals with an extensive program of keynotes, concurrent sessions, case studies, workshops and posters.

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