Damian Penston, Chairman at Fair Money Australia to join us.

Damian Penston is a monetary reformist and the Chairman of Fair Money Australia. He began his career as a software engineer with a major bank in the UK before becoming a telecoms engineer. Since then, he has owned software development and recruitment businesses in Europe and Asia and serves on the advisory boards of a cloud computing social enterprise and a child welfare not-for-profit in Japan. He is currently based in Sydney where he is a recruitment consultant for the NGO, carbon and renewable energy sectors.

Damian joins us at the 3rd Annual Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference and will present on the topic of ‘Ending Involuntary Unemployment Using Fiscal Policy’.

The ability of the economy to grow is limited by real resources and financial resources. Unemployment is the result of a lack of financial resources in the private sector, but the Commonwealth Government has the ability to solve that through overt monetary policy. A net addition of money by the Government into the private sector would empower businesses by creating an environment which is more conducive for trade and the creation of jobs. In the meantime, transition jobs could be created to eliminate involuntary unemployment, and it can all be done without spending taxpayer money and without borrowing.

The 3rd Annual Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference will be held on 1 – 2 December 2016 at the Mercure Brisbane. This year’s theme is Finding Solutions and focuses on business working together with employment facilitators and agencies to create positive outcomes for Australia’s long-term unemployed.

For more information on the 3rd Annual Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference and to secure your registration visit the conference website today.