Creative thinking, the essential tool for leveraging your expertise to stand out in a changing workplace

The 2018 National Employment Solutions Conference will be held at Twin Towns Services Club, Tweed Heads, NSW next month over the 8th – 9th October.

The conference provides the opportunity to be involved through presenting, learning, engaging, networking and collaborating with other professionals within the employment sector.

Ms Sally Arnold

Joining us at the conference is Ms Sally Arnold, Director at Creating Encores who will present on ‘Creative thinking, the essential tool for leveraging your expertise to stand out in a changing workplace’.


Creating Encores coaching methodology was born in 2001 when Sally saw the solutions to individuals challenges when immersed in a creative environment. This happened at The Australian Ballet, sponsors would say that after watching a rehearsal they had left the ballet centre with a solution to a challenge. Sally was aware that music, and immersion in a creative environment changed Brain patterns and the Mindset. Substantiated by global Neuroscientific research.

Creating Encores methodology utilises the power of music, and Vision mapping to enable clients to see solutions to challenges as if in 3D dimension. For example, one client who was stuck in a dead-end job she loathed turned her career path around in 3 months. She was Stuck. And Life was boring. She began coaching and within a few weeks a revived person emerged. She was inspired to search for new jobs. Within 2 months she had several high-level jobs offered to her. She did not resemble the woman who walked into the first session. Complete with red heels and a stunning outfit she got a great job where she was offered almost 40% higher salary. She is still there today, and has doubled her initial salary. She is happy, her life is great.

The result from Creating Encores programs is
1 Passion and purpose reignited. Individuals and organisations find new meaning, in their life.
2. Productivity raises when people love their job.
3 Financial growth. Individuals and organisations are able to grow their expertise, stand out from competitors.
Creative thinking and Change has always been part of the arts world. There is much that individuals and organisations can learn from Creative Mindset change. So that their career or business is valued, reinvigorated and sustainable again.


Sally Arnold’s career in the global performing arts world set her up for constant career change. She has crafted career change for clients and organisations with her award-winning coaching methodology. From a career as a Flautist to Department store buyer to Head of The Australian Ballet business team change has been constant. Her book Creating Encores the wakeup calls for leaders verifies this. It was launched in NYC and created a speaking opportunity at the Australian Consulate on career growth for Expats. Sally has recently completed the Harvard Business program in Disruption and Innovation. Essential thinking for 21C.

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