Apprenticeships and youth unemployment the best approach

A University of Ballarat professor is at the forefront of international research into using apprenticeships to reduce youth unemployment.

Using Apprenticeships to reduce youth unemployment – EU

Professor Erica Smith, University of Ballarat
Professor Erica Smith, University of Ballarat

School of Education and Arts, Professor Erica Smith was one of 10 experts from around the world to take part in a workshop focusing on apprenticeship governance and financing.

The workshop, in Greece, was organised by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training. “There is a real push now to use apprenticeships to reduce youth unemployment, particularly in Europe,” Professor Smith said.
“There is a real push now to use apprenticeships to reduce youth unemployment, particularly in Europe,” Professor Smith said.”
The EU has recently launched a Youth Guarantee to ensure every person under 25 will have a job or an apprenticeship within four months of leaving school or of becoming unemployed.


Using Apprenticeship to reduce unemployment and skill shortages – The Best Approach for Australia

Nicholas Wyman, WPC
Nicholas Wyman, WPC

The Federal Government is looking at shaking up the apprenticeship system, with a pilot system announced today. Under the new scheme, apprentice electricians would progress through their training on the basis of competency, rather than according to time-served.

It’s the latest in a long list of efforts to address both the trade shortage and the problems of youth unemployment. While Australia’s overall unemployment rate sits around 5 per cent, unofficial figures from the University of Newcastle put youth unemployment at about 38 per cent.

So what’s the key to getting young Australians into work? To discuss this question, Dr Damian Oliver, who’s an industrial relations specialist with expertise in youth workforce participation  is joined by Nicholas Wyman, the Chief Executive of WPC Group, a not-for-profit group training organisation that finds apprentices for businesses and provides mentoring services.

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Youth unemployment and apprenticeships will be amongst the many issues discussed at conference on improving the situation for the long-term unemployment

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