Long-Term Unemployment causes – common misconceptions on why the long-term unemployment rate is so high.

long-term unemployment causes

Long-term unemployment is incredibly destructive, damaging not just individuals but their friends, family, and even society at large. These are people who, not for a lack of trying, are no longer contributing to the economy. With the crisis fading slowly into the past, the question remains why is long-term unemployment so persistently high following the late-2000s crisis?

Understanding the answer to this question could help prevent a similar phenomenon in the future. Here are some common misconceptions about why the long-term unemployment rate is so high.

1. Only a small percentage of the unemployed have been without work for a long time

2. Extended unemployment benefits have been a major contributor to the problem

3. Policy uncertainty has had a minor impact on hiring

Read the expanded article by Dan Ritter Articles September 07, 2013, Wall Street Cheat Sheet

Causes of Long-Term Unemployment will be discussed at an upcoming Australian conference

This conference will address the causes of long term unemployment and what can be done for these at risk groups of disability, mature age, youth, indigenous and regional unemployed. The conference aims to focus on Building Capability to successfully tackle long-term unemployment and how to create employment for the future. The conference will feature keynotes and over 50 selected presentations on research, policy, programs and case studies on long-term unemployment risk groups.

This year’s conference will focus around the following themes: Economic Trends; Disability employment issues; Youth employment; Mature age employment; Indigenous employment; Regional, remote and rural employment; Culturally and language diverse employment; Mental health; Training, Apprenticeship, Vocational skills; Policy, guidelines, legislation.

Employment Recognition Awards: These Awards aim to recognise, raise awareness, and promote the benefits of employing at risk groups. We are seeking nomination for these Awards on the following categories: Disability Employment; Mature Age Employment; Youth Employment; Indigenous Employment; and Regional Employment Initiatives

LTU-LogoLong-Term Unemployment Conference 2014

A national conference focusing on at risk groups for Long-Term Unemployment | Mature Age | Youth | Indigenous | Disability | Regional |

18-19 August 2014, QT Hotel Surfers Paradise

URL: www.longtermunemployment.org.au  Ph: (61 7) 5502 2068 Fax: 07 5527 3298